Welcome to Hangzhou Kulon Electronics Co.,Ltd ! Hereby, on behalf of the whole corporation, i give you the most sincerely gratitude and respect! I really wish that we can establish long and tight friendship on the Internet. Through the corporation website, you can try to know the history、the products、the culture and the operating concepts of my corporation and also to find your needs. Anything we can help, we will be very glad to listen to.

It is my honour and success to bring you our services. As an corporation specializing in switching power supply、module converter and power filter, “customer in heart, quality first, making customers satisfied with high quality products and good service” is the tenet we followed all the time, our business principle “high standard, strict requirement, high starting point, best quality” is going through the entire research, production and logistics. The excellent quality and famous trademark of Koren power is brought by our precise and careful work style, incessant efforts in the pursuit of quality, regulating our advanced business management with ISO – 9000 international quality management system, our strict control on the quality and our consistent target of making customers satisfied.


At the end of 2008, the corporation starts to export the power supply at world market:America,Canada,Britain,Germany,France,Australia,Chile, Peru,Saudi Arabia,Spain,Iran,Poland,New Zealand,India and Kyrgyzstan and other countries and areas. Our switching power supply, module converter, power inverter and adaptor, under the brand of “MW”,have became a shining star among the field of power supply, at domestic market or world market. The good quality has won customer’s satisfaction and pretty favourable comments. The development of a corporation can not depart from the talents, the correct operation concepts,the well-guided culture and a progressive team. We always pay much attention to collecting the talents and building a excellent team, that is why our Kulon still be there. Hereby, i welcome anyone who keep to the principles of “Unity, Honesty, development, innovation”, and i believe in that we,together, will win the market and win a better future.

If the CPU is the brain of a system, the power supply is it’s heart, and often the value of losses incurred in a single failure can exceed the value of the power supply itself. We firmly believe that the power supply industry is one built on trust. The mission of any power supply company should be to engender the utmost confidence in both the technology and quality of its products. Only by always striving to improve and innovate, creating the optimum Product, Cost, Quality, Delivery Time, Service and Relationship (PCQTSR) that stand test of time, can a company be truly trusted by its customers.

We believe trust is another essential prerequisite to long-term operation. To review the past, we sincerely appreciate everyone who supports and takes care of the developing of Kulon! Thank you! It is because of you that we can achieve such a success! In the future, we will work hard to manufacture each piece of power supply, to keep the good quality, to serve every client. Please believe in us, each man in Kulon is managing a corporation, pushing a industry, initiating a career! And we are confident that the Kulon will develop following with the developping China, and make a progress together with the progressing human society. I promise, my Kulon will be your reliable power partner!