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Our company hold a Q3 summary commendation meeting in the conference room on Oct 20th

Our company hold a Q3 summary commendation meeting in the conference room on Oct 20th, 2018. The Chairman of the company - Xuewen Lang, Manager of Foreign Trade Department – HuanZhang Qiao, HR Supervisor- Xiaonan Su and all the members [...]

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  • Hangzhou Kulon Electronics Co., Ltd

Sales Champion Commendation Conference in the First Quarter of 2018

On the afternoon of April 14, Kulon Electronics held a grand ceremony for the “Quarterly Sales Champions”. The company’s main management personnel and staff attended the commendation ceremony At the commendation meeting, Chairman [...]

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Kulon electronic graduation ceremony

At 2:00pm, Jan 16th, 2018, Kulon held a celebration meeting for all the new members to review and approve their efforts during their training as a freshman. General manager Allen Lang, Foreign department manager Layne [...]

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New Energy Comes In KULON!

January 1, 2018, four new employees came to the company to report To help new employees understand the company as soon as possible and get involved in the work, at 2 pm on January 2, [...]

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How To Use Your EQ To Close The Deal – Kulon Book Sharing

How To Use Your EQ To Close The Deal - Kulon Book Sharing This Saturday morning, we held our second Book Sharing activity in our meeting room, which takes about 2 hours sharing skills, [...]

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Kulon New Business Foreign Sales Leader Inauguration

After 1 week competitive selection, On 12th, Dec., 2017, Mr. Allen Qiao win the final selection. It means Kulon has started the new chapter of intelligent home products and will bring more high-tech and [...]

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