Huali · off world record

Huali · off world record over Wuchang Avenue, among the best in Hangzhou city core technologies of the future, next to the Xixi Wetland, Holley Group is to join Ali cloud, ginkgo Valley investment, customs control Kechuang, WSP and other leading construction companies together to create to cloud industry, Branch, cultural and creative industries as the core set of industrial office, supporting commercial, five-star hotels, international conference center, SOHO office as one of the industrial complex. Siting Xixi River Holley left Gen-off world, from the Xixi impression of the city is only 1 km away. The total planning area 83131.3㎡, green rate of 25%, the project height limit of 40 meters, provided with 202 ground parking spaces, 1,049 underground parking spaces. Pioneer works a cloud cube, three modern style buildings, covering about 40 acres, a total construction area of 57,000 square meters, the bottom of the garden-style office to cross-border electricity supplier industry as the core, create a set of incubator office, loft office, headquarters office, focus on business as one of the innovative hybrid body office.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Hangzhou  City

Room 608, Building 3, Yunlifang, Huali Chuangke Tiandi, No. 10, Liansheng Road, Wuchang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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