Kulon company moved to the current office point, and the introduction of Cloud Desktop
Import personnel and payroll software
Importing foreign trade business software Fortis world; adding new products outdoor lighting domestic and foreign trade, and to participate in the Argentine International Lighting Fair; due to development needs, the establishment of human resources; sales of 12 million
Power customers into three blocks; three countries participate Lighting Fair
Standardization of business management began to import ERP software; business development needs, the office moved to West era
The establishment of the Department of electricity providers, and independent financial personnel, focusing on online marketing, with annual sales of 6 million
Start foreign trade business, the total foreign trade during the year 3,000,000
Obtain the right to import and export trade
Official registration of the company
From the electronic market stall operators to start a business, monthly sales growth of 2-3 million back to about 50,000